Cullen McKinney: What is medical malpractice in Michigan?

Since 1994, Cullen McKinney, JD, has been a practicing lawyer in Michigan. Today he is a founding partner of the Detroit law firm Tanoury, Nauts, McKinney & Garbarino. McKinney is a published legal scholar and litigation attorney who frequently represents hospitals and medical professionals defending against claims of malpractice.

Medical malpractice is defined by the state of Michigan as any time injury or death results from the actions of a medical professional or health-care provider that are deemed to be below the acceptable standards for the state; a violation of the acceptable standards occurs when the procedures or practices that are standardized by state medical boards and departments of health for a particular disorder or illness are not followed, adhered to, practiced, or upheld. In a malpractice lawsuit, many factors are considered, including the age and medical background of the patient. In court, a claimant (plaintiff) must prove that the injury resulted from sub-standard medical care, which often requires testimony from medical experts.